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“MAK” AD company is situated in the town of Gabrovo and is one of the oldest textile companies in Bulgaria. The company is 100 percent private property and is specialized in the production and the delivery of military, police, fire-fighters and security uniforms. With complete machinery, knowledge and experience for weaving, finishing and production of ready-garments, MAK A.D company is a leader in this part of Europe in the production of battle-tested and hazard -environment protection products.

The company disposes of a complete technological line and machinery for the preparation, the weaving and the fabric finishing of all kinds of woven fabrics:

  1. - cotton and cotton type fabrics in different blends with polyester, polyamide, 100 percent polyamide or polyester fabrics in wide range of weights starting from 70 g/m2 to 400 g/m2 in different weavings- twill, satin, rib-stop
  2. - finishing of the above-mentioned fabrics as unicolour or printed. High-fastness dye-staff is used in printing of military designs camouflage properties in visible and near IR range of EM spectrum. Wide range of fabric finishing, water and oil repellent, flame-retardant, anti-bacterial protection, insect-repellent, PU fabric coating.
  3. - two or three layer fabrics with breathable membrane : the inner layer is with a high ability for fast absorption of perspiration allowing the skin to remain dry all the time; the middle layer has a membrane with pores approximately 20.000 times smaller than water drops and 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule ; the outer layer is water resistant and offers protection from the wind - all these characteristics reduce the penetration of water from the outside, but allows the skin to breathe from the inside
  4. - high-visibility reflective fabrics according to standard EN 471, in 100 percent PES and PES/Co composition, starting from 140 up to 250 g/m2
  5. - anti-static fabrics according to standards EN 1149 part 1 and 3 and EN 61340/5-1, in composition PES/Co/metal fibres or PES/Co/carbon, tested and approved in German institute STFI, produced by nano technology
  6. - anti-bacterial fabrics, BIOACTIVE, in composition PES/Co, silver ions incorporated into the yarn structure by nano technology. This fabric guarantees permanent protection against bacteria. It is certified in the German institute “Hohenstein” and is licensed by trade mark “Trevira”
  7. - high-tenacity polyamide ballistic fabrics in weights of 140 and 240 g/m2. There is an option for laminating . They are used for tactical, ballistic or bullet proof vests or backpacks where fabric strength is of extreme importance.
  8. - meta-aramid fabrics type Nomex in different compositions:
    1. 50 percent Nomex / 50 percent FR viscose, 240 g/m2 rib-stop and 260 g/m2 twill for police and station uniforms,
    2. 93 percent Nomex/ 5 percent Kevlar / 2 percent P140 anti-static in wide range of weights from 165 g/m to 240 g/m2, both twill and rib-stop for pilot overall, tank and armoured vehicles personnel, technicians etc.
    3. 75 percent Nomex / 23 percent Kevlar / 2 percent P140 anti-static – type Nomex Outershell Tough 195 g/m2. Fabric is certified in German institute STFI and full-fills all points mentioned in norm EN 469: 1995-05. Fabric is propertied for fire-fighters uniforms as a outershell fabric.
  9. As a non-flammable fabric, Nomex is the proper solution for the production of protection garments in hazard environments with high risks of fire. It has continuous flame and heat-transfer protection, with no melting, no skin-migration, the level of the protection does not depend on the number of washings and thanks to anti-pilling finishing the life-time of the fabrics and the ready garments is very long.
  10. - Para-aramid fabric type Kevlar for ballistic protection, 200 g/m2, in width 150 and 160 cm, with end-use for bulletproof vests, helmets, vehicles etc.

Thanks to the long development and researching, the company has a complete production line for different garments and equipment: Military/police/firefighters uniforms, security services uniforms, all types of overalls, ballistic vests, tactical vests, modular backpacks, sleeping bags, rain-protective suits. Fire-fighters protective suits, bullet proof vests in wide range of styles and weights with different levels of protection according to standard NIJ STD 0101.04.

  1. - Firefighter Nomex Outhershell Tough uniform with Nomex Tough 195 g/m2 fabric as an outer fabric, flame-retardant membrane as a middle layer and thermo insulation Thermo 2 inner layer. All layers fulfil the norms of standard EN 469: 1995-05
  2. - Tactical vests: the outer fabric is a blend of cotton/polyester or high-tenacity polyamide, optionally impregnated. The vest is equipped with functional holsters enabling the possibility of combinations. It has a built-in adjustment system and is produced in five sizes.
  3. - Backpacks: modular type, as outer fabric high-tenacity polyester or polyamide fabric, abrasion resistant, impregnated. The design provides equal weight distribution. Wide range of models- combat, medical, technician, officers
  4. - Sleeping bags: the outer fabric is a 3-layer polyamide with membrane, inner thermo layer for cold-weather protection. Can be used up to – 25o C.
  5. - Rain protective suits and raincoats: providing protection against atmospheric precipitation such as rain and snow. This is a multi - layer fabric with membrane stop penetration of water from the outside which allows the skin of the wearer to breathe from the inside. All seams are laminated and water resistant. Optionally, impregnated ultra-light fabric. The rain protective suit consists of jacket with hood and trousers – both weigh about 1,2 kg and can be worn over regular uniform. They are packed into a small bag. It is easy to put on and take off the raincoats.
  6. - Overalls: wide range of different styles, with or without thermal inserts. We can provide different models according to the customer’s demands depending on the fabric or model.
  7. - Bullet proof (ballistic) vests: Wide range of styles, different levels of protection according to standard NIJ STD 0101.04: IIA, II, IIIA. Ballistic plates, level of protection III, III +, IV. Outer fabric is from high-tenacity water and oil repellent fabric, unicolour or printed. Vests are tested in our own ballistic laboratory.
  8. - Uniforms: wide range of different styles and models as combat, military uniforms, police, security, technicians, hospitals etc. With our own sampling department it is possible to develop different models according to the customer’s demand, no matter what the fabrics or the styles are. The design and the weight of the military – combat uniforms is according to all requirements of STANAG agreement.

    The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, AQAP 2110 and all products satisfy EKO-TEX 100.

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